Pull from 20-80, turbo 4g94 lancer OZ

Was bored, ignore the wideband its trippin out because the cars running rich.. 7psi on 60 trim t3/to43 on my 2002 lancer oz

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Nissan GT-R vs. Lancer Evo (500+whp)
We never went over and speed limits, all the numbers were edited and this video was filmed in Mexico;) MORE RACES TO COME GT-R is stock Evo- GT3571r ball bearing turbo (25 PSI - Mild Boost Settings) Full Exhaust (turbo-Back) BOV HUGE FMIC Cammed Dual Disc Clutch WAY MORE...

Tercel vs Civic Vs Cedia Lancer Vs Civic Vs Renault Vs Primera
Just a few pulls with the crew.

2002 Mitsubishi Lancer OZ Rally.
My car. It has cool air intake, oz rally rims, Its got an Exhaust she purs and sounds awesome on the road, its got alot more in it but it has around 150 to 200HP. I want to put turbo and BOV but it has 130,000+ miles on it. Thanks for watching enjoy subscribe and like and ill post more.

O.Z. Rally Lancer Build Pt.5 Ported Intake+Throttle & RRM ECU
A quick update on my Lancer build. I just added the ported and polished intake manifold and 60mm throttle body from Road/Race Motorsports along with their Piggyback ECU with hotter fuel maps and adjusted fue; timing tuned for full bolt-ons. THIS THING PULLS AS HARD AS A STOCK GST!!!