Diamond T Detroit Diesel 6V53

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Detroit Diesel 453T in 48 Diamond-T
your defiantly tired after driving this thing....respect to the old truckers!

Detroit Diesel 6V53T
6V53T out of a military tank. Just put back together after losing a valve. Previous facility bent a valve during an injector replacement and didn't catch it...Incorrect flexplate is causing the metal to metal sound in the background, and yes, the cooling system is full of water... clip 2. more footage to come once the new flywheel is on and the smoke generator is working This engine will be going in my '76GMC off road truck....someday...

'47 International KB12 part 1
This was shot 13 years ago in Jerome,AZ with Don Robertson at the Gold King Mine and Ghost Town.

RUN AWAY Detroit Diesel! 453-T
DD 453-T runs away! rack gets stuck on valve cover. almost lost some fingers too, it was all i could find. F'ed up new turbo compressor wheel, was only damage thankfully!