How-To: Polish Cylinder Head Exhaust Ports

In this video I demonstrate how to Polish Exhaust Ports on a Chevy 350 Cylinder Head. Head #462624. Hope this video helps those of looking to port and polish your own cylinder heads! Please Subscribe!

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How to Port and Polish an Intake Manifold
Here is just a small How-To video to show you that porting isn't hard, it is just very time consuming. it can be addicting though! this intake manifold was for a 2007 mazdaspeed3

How To Get Free Horsepower: Porting Your Own Cylinder Heads & Intake
How to get a few extra horsepower for free when rebuilding and engine. Port your own cylinder heads and intake. You can do it yourself if you have a good air compressor, die grinder, and bits. It will take a lot of time, especially your first set. I have seen someone gain almost 100 horsepower just from porting. That isn't typical however.

Edelbrock RPM Olds 455 Head Porting
The scariest thing I ever did was port a set of new Edelbrock aluminum cylinder heads. My first attempt at porting any cylinder head. I raised the roof .200" and dropped the floor .040". It's best to leave the floor alone or raise it by filling with epoxy. Porting kit by Mondello.

Volvo Diesel Engine head porting : grinder time !
gasket port matching the head for better flow music : Ronald Jenkeens "fifteen fifty"