GTM Project G42X Twin Supercharged AWD 800HP- BASE LINE DYNO

This AWD Infinti G37x Coupe is getting our GTM 4.2L Stroker, GTM Stage 4 Automatic Transmission Build, GTM Return Fuel System and our Twin Supercharger Kit. We're going to extract every bit of power out of the Twin Rotrex C30-94 Superchargers and shoot for 800HP. For the latest news and exciting updates, like us on Facebook:

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GTM Performance Engineering: VQ37VHR Twin Supercharger System-First Look-Part 1
GTM Performance Engineering: VQ37VHR Twin Supercharger System

500WHP G37 Coupe Vs Big Turbo RX7 Rocket Bunny (Amazing Race)
Stillen Supercharged G37 Coupe 500whp vs Rocket Bunny Widebody Mazda Rx7 (475whp/380wtq) Full built 13b rotary with large street port Greddy/Trust intake manifold elbow Greddy/Trust front mount Intercooler kit Greddy/Trust Type S blow off valve CJ Motorsports fuel kit (race version) Aeromotive Fuel pressure regulator Aeromotive 340lph fuel pump Banzai Racing poly engine mount kit Banzai racing oil pan brace Custom twin oil coolers setup using Setrab cores and all stainless lines Koyo racing radiator Apexi Axf71 single turbo kit (which includes tubular Exhaust manifold, water cooled external wastegate with external dump) Exedy Hyper single clutch with lightweight flyweight Apexi 3.5" downpipe leading to apexi midpipe Rein hard Ti axle back Apexi power FC standalone Shooting flames all day.

Vinny Ten Racing: GTM TT G37
GTM Stage 2 TT Kit, tuned with Up Rev.

Common Infiniti G35 Issues - I bought this car twice
Why did I buy this historically problematic G35 two times? Before you buy a G35 or if you already own a G35, this video covers a few of the common Issues that G owners will most likely experience during the lifetime of the car.