240sx holset ka-t

my nissan 240sx ka-t with a holset hy35 turbo, 7 psi.

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S14 KA-T on 18psi and 25psi
A few runs on low and high Boost settings. 25psi is just a joke in first and second! It ran a little rich on 18psi, but that's cause the tune was set for the 25psi run and running 110 octane!

Ultimate Turbo KA 1
Compilation of turbo KA 240sx's ripping it up on the track, Dyno and street.

S14 Silvia 240sx KA24DET Turbo KAT KA-T
The summer of 2005, my bro dropped a turbo onto his KA24DE. Running only 7 pounds (wastegate), he was kickin everybody's ass... just look at how fast his car is! He was running a complete bolt-on turbo kit on a stock motor... you can hella hear the turbo SPOOL in the first few clips!!! he WAS wearin a complete S14 Silvia K's Kouki rear end... now his car looks completely different, back to the zenki, but with the JDM skirts and valances... *yes that is his girlfriend in the background SCREAMING haha* ENJOY!

700+rwhp KA-T Nissan 240sx 10.3@139
Andre's 700+rwhp KA-T Nissan 240sx 10.3@139 Built KA-T, 6765 turbo, e-85, 33psi, mickey thompson 275-40-17, motorsport 4860 ems, 89' z31 Tranny and a Mazwox adapter plate with a Z32 bellhousing.