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The Largest And Most Powerful Helicopter Outside Russia
The Largest And Most Powerful Helicopter Outside Russia The Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion is the largest and heaviest helicopter in the United States military. As the Sikorsky S-80 it was developed from the CH-53 Sea Stallion, mainly by adding a third engine, adding a seventh blade to the main rotor and canting the tail rotor 20 degrees. It was built by Sikorsky Aircraft for the United States Marine Corps. The less common MH-53E Sea Dragon fills the United States Navy's need for long range minesweeping or Airborne Mine Countermeasures (AMCM) missions, and perform heavy-lift duties for the Navy. Under development is the CH-53K King Stallion, which will be equipped with new engines, new composite material rotor blades, and a wider aircraft cabin. The Sikorsky CH-53 Super Stallion heavy-lift helicopter first flew in 1974 and entered service with the US Marine Corps (USMC) in 1981. A total of 172 Super Stallions have been delivered and 165 are in service with marine corps squadrons in the Pacific Fleet and in the Atlantic Fleet. The helicopter is also in service with the marine corps reserve, training and experimental squadrons. The final Super Stallion for the USMC was delivered in November 2003. US Marine Corps amphibious assault helicopter The marine corp uses the Super Stallion in the amphibious assault role and for transporting heavy equipment. The US Navy also use the Super Stallion for vertical delivery and recovery of damaged aircraft on aircraft carriers. In 2000, the USMC announced the CH-53X programme to upgrade the CH-53E and extend its service life to 2025. Upgrades would include a new engine, substantially increased payload capacity, all-composite rotor, elastomeric rotor head and glass cockpit with fly-by-wire controls. In March 2004, a USMC analysis of alternatives (AoA) determined that a new-build airframe would be a more cost-effective solution. Sikorsky was awarded an initial system development and demonstration (SDD) contract for the new helicopter, which is designated the CH-53K heavy-lift rotorcraft (HLR), in January 2006 and the full SDD contract in April 2006. The GE38-1B engine was selected to power the CH-53K in December 2006. Requirement is for 156 helicopters and service entry is planned for 2015. CH-53E Super Stallion seven-bladed rotor design The fuselage is watertight and of light alloy, steel and titanium construction. The cockpit includes glass fibre and epoxy materials. The seven-bladed main rotor is fitted with a Sikorsky blade inspection system. The main rotor blades are of Nomex honeycomb construction with a titanium spar and a composite glass fibre and epoxy skin. The rotor head is primarily titanium and steel. Super Stallion cockpit "The Sikorsky CH-53 Super Stallion heavy-lift helicopter first flew in 1974 and entered service with the US Marine Corps (USMC) in 1981." The CH-53E accommodates three crew. The helicopter is equipped with a Hamilton Sundstrand automatic flight control system (AFCS), with two digital flight control computers, a four-axis auto-pilot, an attitude and heading reference system (AHRS), a Rockwell Collins GPS 3A global positioning system and a Northrop Grumman (Teledyne Ryan) AN/APN-217 Doppler radar. The AHRS has been replaced with a new system from BAE Systems. The cockpit displays include four 152mm × 152mm (6in²) colour displays, type CM A-2082, supplied by CMC Electronics (formerly Canadian Marconi) and an Elbit ANVIS 7 NVG/HUD head-up display. The cockpit is night vision goggle compatible for AN/AVS-6 NVGs. The helicopter night vision system (HNVS) allows low-altitude operations at night and in adverse weather. The HNVS includes a pilot night vision system (PNVS) by Lockheed Martin, a Honeywell integrated helmet and display sighting system (IHADSS) and a Raytheon Systems (formerly Hughes) forward looking infrared, AN/AAQ-16B FLIR. In September 2005, Raytheon was awarded a contract to provide a new AN/AAQ-29A FLIR for the CH-53E. The AAQ-29A is a three-field-of-view FLIR with a 3-5 micron, indium antinomide 480 × 640 element array. The cockpit is fitted with a Rockwell Collins AN/ARC-210 secure tactical radio communications system. The helicopter can be equipped with a Goodrich health and usage monitoring system (HUMS). Multiconfiguration cabin onboard the Sikorsky CH-53 heavy-lift helicopter The cabin is fitted with folding canvas seats along the sides in normal configuration to seat 37 but the addition of a centre row allows the accommodation of a total of 55 troops. Martin Baker, with headquarters in Uxbridge in UK, has been awarded a $20m contract to supply new crashworthy seats, 31 to a helicopter. The cabin is equipped with a hydraulically operated rear ramp for loading freight. The cabin can hold up to seven standard 1.02m × 1.22m (40in × 48in) pallets and the helicopter can carry a maximum internal load of 14,515kg.

GIANT SCALE: 47 lbs TURBINE (93,000 RPM) Marines 875-Size (CH-53D) Heli
SKIP to 1:38 to get to the field, SKIP to 3:40 for take-off, SKIP to 6:10 for flying. INFO: Headspeed is 900 RPM, Turbine is 93,000 RPM, 6-Bladed Head and 4-Bladed Tail, Mains are 875mm and Tails are 180mm. It starts with Propane and flies on Kerosene. The body is that of a Sikorsky CH-53 Sea Stallion (CH-53D). Flight time is about 10 minutes. Video of setup and flight but Jc and Jim. For more turbine heli action also watch: https://youtu.be/Bd_NYCQ6VQw Full Details: OF fuselage (only 12 made), OF rotor system 875mm mains, 180mm tail blades, Jakadofski Pro Turbine, Modified Len Mount mechanics, Savox Servos, Spectrum 18QQ radio w/AR12120 rx, Bavarian Demon 3sx FBL unit. Custom Robart built retracts. Weight 47lbs w/92 oz of fuel. Features: Custom 3D printed T64 engines in cowlings, ramp door operates, tail skid retracts w/gear and ramp. Yet to come: 3D printed cockpit, 3D printed "EAPS" filters for the engine pods, and door gunners w/50 cal. guns!

EXTREME HELICOPTERS! Incredible landings, takeoffs, aerobatics, flybys and amazing choppers!!
A great collection of extreme and incredible helicopters, including an unbelievable disembarkation by helicopter, two Westland Lynx helicopters dancing, chinook amazing landing and incredible reverse take-off, acrobatics flights, the flying bulls aerobatics, a Swordfish and a Lynx helicopter almost touching, incredible landings and takeoffs, impressive low pass flybys, touch and go, insane helicopter pilots with incredible skills, crazy choppers, landing and take-off in heavy wind conditions and crosswind, insane aerobatics made by incredible pilots, epic stunts, super helicopters, very low fly-by and performances in the sky at the limit that seems they are going to crash, situations where pilot skill and quick thinking saved the day, back flips, Eurocopter landing in strong winds, Chinook nose dive and doing a very tight tern, reverse emergency landing and take-off, a Bell 206 "Jet Ranger" helicopter versus Antonov An-124 and much more.. a top 20 compilation you cannot miss! Some of the helicopters you will see in this collection: CH-47 Chinook (Unit cost: US$ 38.5 million) "Tiger" from Airbus Helicopters / Eurocopter (Unit cost: US$ 32 million with an incredible developing cost of US$ 12 billion) Agusta Westland EH-101 Mk512 Merlin (Unit cost: US$ 21 million) Russian-built Mi-171 helicopter (Unit cost: US$ 12 million) Mil Mi-24 (Unit cost: US$ 12 million) Apache Huey (Unit cost: US$ 11 million) Bell AH-1 "Cobra" (Unit cost: US$ 11 million) Bell 206 "Jet Ranger" (Unit cost: US$ 1 million) These are some of the strongest, most incredible and expensive helicopter ever built. Some of these incredible exhibitions took place at the following airshows: Biggin Hill Air Fair Bournemouth Air Festival Cosford Airshow ILA Berlin Air Show Danish Karup AFB Air Show Kecskemét Air Show - - - - - - - Please like the video and share it :) POST TO FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/1L5UGTs - - - - - - - - - CREDITS - - "Swordfish and Lynx helicopter" & "Flares from Lynx helicopter": courtesy of Roman Hobler from flickr.com/photos/hobler A special thank to LEJ.approach (dvldi) Some of the videos are under CC license and listed in "Source videos - View attributions" and below: - Chinook in reverse-emergency landing demonstration: Robert Gipson youtube.com/watch?v=1BTBrJb3P9o (through +100500 Videos) - Dancing copters: Jessica Spengler from flickr.com/photos/wordridden - Chinook at Cosford Airshow clips: ozz13x form flickr.com/photos/24931020@N02 - Chinook hovering with only the rear wheels touching the edge of a cliff: The U.S. Army from flickr.com/photos/soldiersmediacenter

Helicopter Accident
This is a Turbine Enstrom Helicopter on the Heli Pad of a Greenpeace ship some where off the coast of Ireland. One of the deck straps has not been released correctly, with what was very nearly disastrous consequence. Pilot skill and quick thinking saved the day.