Hot Rod School Bus

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Bus fährt durch den Tunnel am Needles Highway.
Bus drives through tunnel at the Needles Highway. Peter Norbeck scenic byway. Park Tunnel 8 foot wide. South Dakota

Epic Hot Rod School Bus With A 1000 Horsepower Engine! 1955 Chevy Superior Pro Street School Bus
Check out this amazing totally epic hot rod school bus designed and built by a man named Darren in Modesto, California. It's a 1955 Chevy Superior Pro Street School Bus that has been tricked out to the max with a 1000 horsepower built by drag racing legend Hans Kessel and a truck bed liner paint job! The bus has been upgraded with 9 power windows, flat screen TVs, a bumpin sound system, and all sorts of other creature comforts. Be sure to check out our other videos where we show you amazing classic cars and hot rods in Modesto, California. The series is called Graffiti Summer All Year Long and has a new video added every week. All Rights Reserved - Copyright 2014 hot rod school bus "hot rod school bus" "hot rod" "school bus" epic cool amazing "cool bus" "cool school bus" "epic bus" "epic school bus" "1000 horsepower" "classic school bus" "custom school bus" custom classic "classic bus" "hot rods" "car show" "classic car show" "hot rod show" "bus hot rod" "epic hot rod" "custom hot rod" "amazing bus" amazing "1000 horsepower engine" "drag racer" "school bus drag racing" "drag racing school bus"

Hot Rod School Bus 2016 Auctions America Auburn Fall Collector Car Weekend
A 1927 Whippet Overland School Bus Hot Rod I found at the 2016 Auctions America Auburn Fall Collector Car Weekend....This is a for real party Bus Hot Rod....LS under the hood....Seating for a dozen..Big FAT Tires in the real...Way cool....What;s something like that worth!?!?!....You won't believe what it sells for at the end...Check it out!!...Please Subscribe to this Channel and Visit looking for a cool Hot Rod please visit

The Hot Rod Bus!
Shooting Cars Stories episode 5; Episode 5 is a biggie! Literally! The Hot Rod Bus is a 1933 school bus transformed into a fire breathing V8 hot rod! We got to look around and we got a full interior tour showing off some of the bus' finer points. Maybe next time we run into these guys I can get more footage and a turn behind the wheel? Go share some love with the Hot Rod Bus team on their facebook! In this episode we check out Bryan's one of a kind 65' Mustang! What makes it one of a kind? A massaged I-6, a custom interior and a certain celebrity connection! Follow us on Instagram to see what we're working on next! and be sure to check out our blog at