Street Style deLuxe - 10. offizielles Treffen Nord - VW Volkswagen Golf Jetta Caddy

Street Style deLuxe meets 10. offizielles Treffen Nord

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VW Golf Mk1 GTD "Mandaryna" by Old School Squad
More info : German version :D

VW Golf 1
i love those cars :D

MK1 Volkswagen Rabbit/ Rabbit Pickup/ Jetta Tuning
MK1 Rabbit, Caddy, Jetta Tuning Songs: With a Spirit - 009 sound system (Old music got disabled)

all about golf mk1
pics of bash-sugar sugar i have noticed alot of comment on my orange golf as there being dislikes to the "bodykit" n rims. i would just liek to clear that up as that is how i bought it and i am already inthe process of removing the kit and getting the old school narrow bumpers. and i am only 16 so i have a limit when it comes to funds on the project.