G8 GT vs GTO vs Mustang GT vs Lightning vs E46 M3

Just a few races at Royal Purple Raceway then on to the Mexican highway, enjoy

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03 mustang gt vs e46 m3 vs 350z (REAL VIDEO)
03 Mustang gt with 2step vs e46 m3 vs 350z (REAL VIDEO)

Stock BMW M3 E46 vs Stock 2013/2014 Mustang GT
This is David Julien Bone stock 2002 BMW M3 E46 winning a heads up race against a stock 2013/2014 420hp Mustang GT. Both cars on street tires, not much traction at Pont Rouge Dragway near Quebec City Canada on 90 degree day

Superchips Tune installed on G8 GT
Just thought I would post a video on how to use the Superchips Cortex 2950 on my 2009 G8 GT

Evo X MR vs Pontiac G8 GT (Round 2)
REMATCH Putting my 2 cars against each other. Both are stock. G8 GT: 361hp / 3900lbs - V8 Evo X: 291hp / 3500lbs - 4cyl turbo