1972 Ford Ranchero GT rolling video 2

1972 Ford Ranchero GT 351 Cleveland

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1972 FORD ranchero ラウシュ402エンジン!sale。
昨年ドラックレース時に2速に入らず1速→3速での走りで ラジアルタイヤでの走行にもかかわらず、14秒フラット タイム!ミッションは完治してますのでドラスリはい 走れば11秒台出るかもしれません。 351クリーブラントエンジンからわざわざラウシュ製 の402エンジン(フォードGT40MKから移植)に載せ替え 下回りフロアー全面板金、ダイナマット敷き詰め。ミッ ションODA新品4速 リヤデフ強化LSD ラインロックなど ど盛りだくさん。 欲しい方、mettarika@yahoo.co.jp まで。」

1964 Ford Ranchero 302 V-8 " SOLD " Drager's International Classic Sales 206-533-9600
1964 Ford Ranchero PU # 4H27U123247. Great looking PU. It's a bit custom and there are things you can do to it like the doors are shaved but does not have remote door openers. Left vent window does not have it's rubber seal. Heater not working. Has 3 gauges under the dash and 2 are not hooked up. 302 V-8 with gear drive cam. Engine compartment looks good and is clean. Automatic Transmission. Front disc brakes. Manual steering. The paint is new and looks great but if there are a chip's in the paint that they pained over. New chrome bumpers. New 17" Fose wheels and tires. Car toys sound system. Grant steering wheel. Gas filler has been moved to in side the bed. Last owner made a built in tool box in the bed. 1964 and 1965's are hard to find good clean ones and this is one of them. Serviced and safety checked and it's ready to go. Cond. # 3.

1972 Ford Ranchero vs 1978 Datsun 280z
Mods on Datsun: Exhaust, weight reduction, Racing Clutch. Mods On Ranchero: Dual Exhaust, 4 Barrel 600 CFM Carburetor and Intake.

1972 Ford Ranchero #384 DET Gateway Classic Cars Detroit