One Bad A$$ Maverick

My Auto Tech Teacher's Maverick. This car is sick. It runs mid-high 11s naturally aspirated with no porting. oh, and it's a 302 if you're wondering.

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1993 Chevy S-10 Overview
My Daily Driver, with over 185,000 miles, a 2.8 and a 5 speed. I love this little thing. It starts every time, has never stranded us, and runs great. The stock clutch is even still holding up! It's been totalled (frame bent) twice. I've heard bad stories about 2.8s but with routine maintinence, I believe this motor will probably last another 185,000 miles.

Oh crap! Not again!!!!!
Well, looks like I'm picking up another little project. This one will be a fix and sell gig. Hope it all goes well. She's currently got a pair of cracked cylinder heads, and a couple freeze plugs have popped. But for $400, can I really complain?

Maverick GT 302 V8 seguido por Mustang GT 302 V8
Maverick GT 302 V8 seguido por Mustang GT 302 V8 Ai vai mais um video nosso testando o equipamento...

1991 GMC conversion Van Cold Start
My Dad's Old van hasn't been driven in 2 weeks so I cold started her and got a little Exhaust vid too :D