Top Gear Live Birmingham 2011 - Group B Rally Cars

A series of Group B Rally Cars stage a rally in the new indoor track at Top Gear Live 2011.

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Top Gear Live 2011 Audi quattro Lancia & Ford Escort Race Indoors
Beautiful Group B rally cars from the past race around an indoor track at the NEC in Birmingham at the 2011 Top Gear Live Show.

Top gear live 2011 back stage rally cars pt3
Top gear back stage grp b rally cars

Top Gear Live 2011 - Top Gear Olympic Curling (NEC Birmingham)
Top Gear invent the Top Gear Olympic Curling using cars at Top Gear Live 2011 at the NEC Birmingham.

1986 Top Gear Feature - The Banning Of Group B Rallying - The home of all things Metro 6R4