2004 Saturn ION Starting Problems

This problem occurs once in awhile and is more common in cold weather, where the car does not want to start or even try to turn over at all. If you wait about 20 minuets without trying to start the engine and try again later it sometimes works, what could be the cause of this problem?

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Saturn ION not starting stuck at shopping plaza parking lot
I drove down the the butler greater mart plaza to find something at a local hardware store and when I tried to go home the car decided not to start. This is what happens with this thing. I have a video from before showing what this thing does but this time I'm not at home and Im stuck in a parking lot. This car is so inconvenient :(

Kone Hydraulic Elevator at Dillard's Coastal Grand Mall Myrtle Beach.SC with ElevatorGeek88
Taking a ride on the Kone Hydraulic elevator at Dillards department store in Coastal grand mall, in south carolina with Lee TheElevatorGeek.

Dover Traction Elevators at Place Resort Myrtle Beach, SC with ElevatorGeek88
Riding with Lee TheElevatorGeek at the Palace Hotel in South Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. These elevators were also filmed by EscalatorGeek881. Somehow the controller does not allow an up call from intermediate floor. The up button activates the down, I think they are all on same circuit to register down calls only.

Otis Hydraulic Elevator at RIPTide Beach Club Building B Myrtle Beach SC
With ElevatorGeek88 and escalatorGeek881 we discovered very strange setup here. To get to the elevator you have to go up or down steps no matter what floor your on. door open button does not even work, and the lantern is lose as well