Meyers Manx Kickout SS Dune Buggy

This is a video I made from photos taken at the debut of the Kickout SS during the Carlisle Import Kit Car Nationals May 16th 2009. What a nice show set up they have at Carlisle. The Kickout is an inspiration to get out there and create your dreams. " I'll Kickout before you cage me " Thanks to everyone who made it possible to be there and witness this dune buggy history. Kickout SS #001.

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SUBSCRIBE | COMMENT | LIKE | SHARE SUPER ATV RCV AXLES ABERNATHY CYCLES: MadRam11 Clothing here: Clayton Hollingsworth and his son Gilbert shared driving duty at the Dirty Turtle Birthday Bash. They both took turns driving Outlaw and they also took turns driving the Apex Powered RZR buggy. They had a great weekend as Clayton took 2nd in the bouncer race and Gilbert won the UTV race and Clayton got 2nd. The Hollingsworth have built some awesome machines and they can drive!!

Dune Buggy

VW Buggy - Deserter GT
here you can see the new front spoiler of my Deserter: ht-weiter-der-spoiler-ist-da for more information write an email to

Red Monster Bauphase
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