Crazy Supra MKIV goes 200+ MPH!!

One of the baddest Supras around lays down some crazy speeds at the Texas Mile!

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** ZR1 ** C6 Corvette!
Walk around of a badass ZR1 C6! Me and my buddy(nedneckman454) were down in Texas picking up his 6.7 Cummins and just so happened to stop for some waters at Sams. Well, we picked the right Sams! Found this beauty out by itself in the parking lot!

Cammed c6 z06 goodness.
This is what car p0rn sounds like. Go check out my site!

1st gen Cummins 12v VS QUICK Duramax
Nice old school dodge taking on a newer Dmax! I love the look of those old 12v cummins!

Turbocharged s14 Silvia 240sx drifting action
Badass car, badass driving, one of my favorite videos I shot all day. Any clues on the swap or turbo? rb25det? rb20det? sr20det?