valiant 265 worked hemi 6 geardrive at idle

4 inch bores, forged flat tops hemi 6 geardrive

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265 Hemi VH Valiant Ute G-Tech & Dyno Part 1: Before Mods
This is an old Valiant Ute I have just picked up . I have been having a little play with it and thought a few of you might like to have a look . This is pretty much me seeing what this setup is all about and setting a solid baseline of it so we can all see the difference first hand if I happen to bring out a head and cam package for sale . This Ute is pretty much the perfect candidate as it resembles a similar engine and driveline to what most people would have in their Valiants that are looking to increase their performance. Hope you enjoy it . Mopar or no car !

a video from fullBoost featuring v8's (n/a,turbo and supercharged) and turbo sixes at a heathcote test 'n' tune. quite a few mopars were in attendance on this particular day.

HEMI 6 turbo runs 7s! ~ JUSTA6
Doing it the hard way is Andrew Sanders' Chrysler Centura. Powered by an Aussie manufactured 265ci HEMI six cylinder, the Prescision turbocharged OHV engine is extremely old school in design. Getting to this point has been many years in the making. Specialised Power Porting Extrude Honing. FUCHS Nitro Thunder, Calder Park, Australia October 19th 2013

Part 3 of the 265 Hemi rebuild
Well all is going very well, aside from needing a new timing chain and a few other lil things. I had lost some video footage on the head work before it all went back together :(