Thunderhill trackday 4-3-09 Porsche 928, TEAM Racing

4-3-2009 DE at Thunderhill with Team Racing. Group A. Porsche 928 track prepped, best lap was a 2:09.03 chasing a sweet 997 GT2 (it didn't look like a GT3 and it had SERIOUS power, it pulled away harder on the straights than the C6 Z06 does)

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928 vs S2000 SC at thunderhill 2007
The supercharged S2000 and porsche 928 race at Thunderhill. Now, with as much HP as the 928, the S2000 wins and also beats the 500+HP Camaro at the finish.

Porsche 997 Supercup - Tsukuba - Best Lap
One fast lap on the Tsukuba Track with the wonderful Porsche 997 Supercup !

Porsche 928 early days
This is a Porsche 928 ad produced in the early to mid 80's

928 Porsche racing
928 Porsche racing nos supercharged