AMC Spirit ideling in driveway

AMC spirit running in the yard

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POS WANNA BEE 7 15 2009
Driving by Matt, this was the 1st time trial that evening. i didnt video the 2nd one that the went a new best of 10.39 @ 129.65

AMC Spirit
AMC Spirit

1974 Javelin AMX 401 first run in car
We got the 74 Javelin AMX 401 transplant all hooked up today and it is pretty much ready to drive. Just need to get the a couple of additional dash pieces hooked up and it will ready to go for its first test drive. .030 over 401, Wiseco forged pistons with big chamber heads, block decked .005, fully balanced, stock intake, Edelbrock Thunder Series 650 AVC carb, Elgin 912P cam, roller timing set, AMC factory free flow Exhaust...very nice running 401 with around 360 - 370 HP and outrageous throttle response. Put them together with well matched intake and Exhaust and they always run like a scalded dog.

1979 amc spirit 383 stroker chevy