Malibu wagon

My Malibu wagon getting in a few practice runs at Thornhill dragstrip a week before the UMTR race

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Brian's '83 Malibu wagon
this is Brian's wagon and it's first show since (near) completion. V6 Grand National turbo engine and automatic. also the '86 El Camino he built, which his buddy Josh now owns (it is on the video from last years show, too). the wagon won in the Conversion Class and the El Camino was runner-up in Street Class at Super Chevy Palm Beach 2013 (3-24-13). both cars are tight. gives me motivation for my wagon project. pretty good for one day when you get 2 trophys!

Malibu Wagon 9 Second Street Car
Street Driven Malibu Wagon

Malibu wagon on drag radials
notice the parachute, yes it needs it

Gene malibu wagon full w/ burnout
drag racing