98 Cadillac Seville Vs. Deville 2

Race 2

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98 Cadillac STS Seville Vs. Deville
Racing my Seville STS against my friends 98 Deville.

crown vic vs cadillac
2003 P71 (police interceptor)Crown vic vs 2001 Cadillac Seville. The Crown vic won this match in the quarter mile, but then slammed on the brakes at about 1500 feet so it appears the caddy won. www.hihpracing.com for more action!!

00 STS vs 89 SHO 15-110mph
300hp STS vs 220hp SHO, both at 3/4 tank gas and 1 passenger each.

1983 Cadillac Seville Ride & Tour [HD]
i've been wanting to do a video on my seville since i got the car, so finally i did it! I'm the 3rd owner for about a month now. I love this car! You don't see many of these anymore, even on youtube! The tour part is toward the end, hence me naming the title of the video, ride & tour, not tour & ride. This cadillac is all original except for the radio. 15'' Original Wire Hubs, Maroon Red Leather Interior, and i think the original color was a pearl white, but if your familar with older GM cars, you know the shitty paint jobs they used to do so the paints a little faded in the video, and original 77,000+ original miles, heck i think the tires are original too... but i'll have to get them replaced soon ); Music: Sugar Hill Gang- Apache