RENNtech SL65 Black Series in-house dyno tuning

630 HP / 765 LB-FT SAE corrected at the wheels on a hot July day. We're always working to make the most dependable power and there's certainly more available from the SL65 Black Series. Stay tuned to RENNtechTV!

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Mercedes SL65 Black Series
Topspeed is given the chance to drive the super exclusive Mercedes SL65 Black series. At $300,000 it is the most exclusive Mercedes you can buy aside of the SLR

RENNTECH SL65 Black Series - 805HP!
RENNTECH SL65 Black Series - Dyno Testing of a RENNTECH modified SL65 BS. 805 HP and 1000 LB-FT of torque at the crank! These astonishing power gains are created with ECU upgrade, Dual Intercooler Pump Upgrade, Transmission Upgrade, and 100% Locking Rear Differential. Contact RENNTECH today for product pricing and info!

Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series
Epic car! Just amazing! Notice the weird guy running after the Benz to capture a 'nice' video.

They say that good things always come back around. From Scottsdale to North Carolina, and back to the Valley of the sun, one of our existing clients was fortunate to find this very special RENNTech SL55 up for sale. Originally Dyno-Comp built this SL55 AMG back in 2007 for Ray Durham of the San Francisco Giants. It was featured in the Modified Luxury and Exotics Magazine Jan 2007 Breaking 500. With a bit more Dyno tuning we were able to achieve 510 Wheel HP and 540 wheel TQ which equates to a whopping 637hp and 675 tq at the flywheel...and there are plans for more!!!! Engine Modifications: RENNtech Stage-5 RENNTech ECU Upgrade RENNTech Supercharger Pulley RENNtech Headers RENNtech Intercooler upgrade Eisenmann Exhaust system Brakes: RENNtech (15) 8-piston front RENNtech (14) 4-piston rear Interior: FULL RENNtech carbon fiber trim carbon fiber steering wheel.