Street RX3 400+ HP RotorMaster

Gold RX3 Dyno Tune @ RotorMaster

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Mazda RX3 dyno
sorry about the sound, thing was so loud it screwed the mic. 351HP. Shannons Queensland auto Spectacular

BUZ69S 12AT RX3 Dyno Run - Pac Performance
Following on from our quick feature on the dynamic 12AT duo, we strapped the BUZ69S RX3 onto the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers Dyno this afternoon where Rocky worked his magic with the Haltech ECU and what can we say...The little 12A's got some gonads!! Sipping on E85 and fed by a Garrett GTX3540 she screamed on the rollers, pumping out over 400hp at the treads which is enough to put a few 13Bs to shame!

A customer has brought his automatic equipped Mazda Rx3 13B Bridgeport turbo motor in for a tune on E85. We loved this car so we shot a small taste of it on the Dyno.

Rx3 1/4 mile wheelstand
burnham's all motor rx3 at woodburn Or. '05