Ford f250 racing Nissan 350z

2011 6.7 ford f250 is tuned with h&s mini maxx and dpf/urea delete. It has a torq2 fuel box from idp. It also has 35s with a level kit, it's four door crewcab. 350z has straight true dual pipes, is nizmo tuned.

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350z vs 6.0 powerstroke

Chevy Dually vs Ford F250 drag racing at PIR 6-7-13
This Ford just could not get traction.... I saw towards the end of the night the Ford actually taking off in 4x4... He did better then... This was at PIR raceway - 6-7-13

H&S Mini Maxx 6.7 Powerstroke test run DPF delete w/ MPGs a
2011 Ford F250 6.7 Powerstroke with DPF delete, H&S Mini Maxx tuner, and straight piped. Test run. 0-100+ with real time mpg's and a little smoke

Nitrous F250 Turbo Diesel vs Honda S2000
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