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Project CARS is a community-funded sim-racer for the PC (and eventually other platforms). Check it out here! http://www.wmdportal.com/projects/cars/ Follow me on Twitter! http://twitter.com/NorthernlionLP Follow me on Facebook! http://facebook.com/Northernlion Saving Progress is a group of YouTube personalities (Northernlion, michaelalfox, and JSmithOTI) who produce videos covering the gaming industry with their own unique brand of humor and entertainment. To stay up to date on their collaborative efforts, visit the Saving Progress forums, subscribe to them on YouTube, and check them out on your social media platform of choice! Saving Progress Forums: http://forums.savingprogress.com YouTube: http://youtube.com/SavingProgress Twitter: http://twitter.com/SavingProgress Facebook: http://facebook.com/SavingProgress

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Project CARS Career Mode Part 1: Go Karts! (Road to Formula One)
Project CARS Gameplay: Career Mode Part 1: Go Karting Follow me on Twitter - https://twitter.com/Tiametmarduk Snapchat - Tiametmarduk Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Tiametmarduk Instagram - http://instagram.com/benjamin_daly Ask.fm - http://ask.fm/Tiametmarduk Twitch - http://www.twitch.tv/Tiametmarduk Google+ - http://goo.gl/2cGckS Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/tiametmarduk1 Frequently Asked Questions: Wheel? - Fanatec CSR Xbox, PSN, Steam ID - Tiametmarduk Assists? None (All Assists off) Wheel Settings? 8% Steering Linearity, the rest default. Difficulty? Legend AI (Hardest Difficulty) Where am I from? Australia Favourite F1 Team? Mclaren Favourite F1 Driver? Ricciardo & Alonso

Project CARS : Spa-Francorchamps Historic - Lotus 49 Cosworth Race 2 Laps (Build 438)
Project CARS (pCARS) - Build 438 - Spa-Francorchamps Historic (Belgian Forest Historic) - Lotus 49 Cosworth - Race 2 Laps Initial release version of "Spa-Francorchamps Historic" Circuit. Still, AI does not seem to be optimized perfectly though, I'm looking forward to the further progress :) ( Note : Replay is not implemented at this time, sorry.)

Project CARS California Highway Full Lap F77 Cromwell.mp4
Lockere Runde mit dem Cromwell Get the game here: http://forum.wmdportal.com/toolpacks.php

Trailer: Project CARS (Future of Simracing) (DX11) (1080p) HD!
GET GAMES CHEAP! http://www.g2a.com/r/hdtanel A brand new game from SMS, makers of Need For Speed, here is a glimpse of what the game has to offer! You can play TODAY, official release date somewhere around 2013. Come join the community and let us players create the best sim-racing game ever made! Go to: http://www.wmdportal.com and download the game!