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2012 Hyundai Elantra Grinding Noise on Cold Startu
My car only has 72k miles on it. This noise started about a month ago (I've only had the car for 1.5 months) and, at first, only happened every other day. Now, it does this knocking/grinding sound every cold startup and, sometimes, on a cool startup. I thought it was the starter and went to get it check - checked out fine - same with the engine. The noise recently started occurring when I give the car extra gas to make it up a steeper incline. Any thoughts??

Hyundai Elantra 2013 alternator and serpentine belt replacement bolt for bolt!
Please be careful when doing automotive work! I am not a mechanic and my videos are not intended to supplant professional advice. I am not responsible for improper or substandard work. Cars are heavy and they can hurt and kill you, always use proper protection ...eyes, ears, gloves etc. Always disconnect the battery before doing any electrical work on the car. This video is my replacement of the alternator and serpentine belt on my 2013 Hyundai Elantra. I'm pretty sure this is good for 2011 and 2012 models at least, but please do your own research. This car has JUST over 60,000 miles. In fact, it had 60,290 when one morning the car wouldn't start. It cranked, but wouldn't quite start. Now, please go easy on me, there are plenty more diagnostic procedures to go through on a vehicle to determine the cause of "no start". I did not check the fuel pump, spark, etc etc other reasons for no start, which are always good procedures to go through. There are plenty other videos on youtube about how to do these procedures so we won't cover that here. Plus, I tend to like to play "parts darts" and throw some parts at a vehicle ... it usually works well for me...better than spending a PILE at the dealer. Oh, called Hyundai, at 60k+ they would not cover the alternator, and the retail cost on a new alternator is $350. Got this one online used for $35 + ship. 10k miles on it. In my limited experience with alternators and batteries you do the simplest thing first, which is usually replace the battery. But the battery just seemed to be a little low on voltage, rather than "bad" wasn't 10.6 was 12.4. So, after I started the car the alternator was not charging....and then the car sputtered and died. Odd. I should see 14+ volts on the battery when the car is on... and if the alternator is doing its job. So my conclusion, for better or worse, was that the alternator wasn't doing its job. This is the easiest alternator I have done to date. Some basic tools, swivels, sockets and ratchets and you are good. The belt, even at 60k, had zero cracks in it. I replaced it just for giggles, but it really had lots of life left in it. Now I definitely will not need to replace it before I sell the car. Of interest, after I did the install, the car runs fine again. I have made several trips to work and back (60 miles each way) and its been fine and started fine. BUT, I found something interesting about the charging ISN'T constant! The alternator seems to "turn on" whenever the battery "needs" to be charged, so I'll watch the battery cycle from 14.4 volts down to 12.6 depending on load. If someone can explain this one too me I'd love it, because on all the vehicles I have ever see, the voltage is always a constant 14+ when the car is on and the battery is being charged properly. I await your comments...thanks!

Hyundai Active Eco Feature Review Increases MPG
Check out the all new Active Eco feature in my 2013 Hyundai Elantra. This new feature allows you to save gas while driving and has been changed in a few ways since the previous years Eco features. This new active eco has been able to get me on average 38-39mpg on my daily commute.

How to replace door handles for 2012 Hyundai Elantra
This video gives you a complete step by step on how to replace your 2011-2016 Hyundai Elantra door handles without removing the inside door panels. Tools you'll need: 1. Flat head screw driver and a piece of cloth 2. 8 mm ratchet 3. Long beak pair of pliers.