GO! - 2007 Jeep Liberty / 2004 BMW 325c Drag Race

A cheap film I made for a class. Drag Race between a 2007 Jeep Liberty 6spd and a 2004 BMW 325 5spd. The Jeep almost won! Haha.

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Illegal Street Racing - Jeep Liberty vs. BMW 325iX (e30) - Extended Footage
A Jeep Liberty decides to drive fast as the BMW 325iX (e30) driver documents the event. Watch this BMW race on the interstate through heavy traffic and exceed 100mph multiple times. Be apart of the Fast Car Enterprises community... Subscribe to our channel! You can also socialize with Fast Car Enterprises on Google+ and Twitter. Would you like to submit your POV driving, event coverage, and other European car related videos to be shown on the Fast Car Enterprises channel? Just tell us where to download your original content! Twitter: https://twitter.com/FastCarEnt Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/1/b/114486116033051837232/114486116033051837232/p osts FCE Website: http://www.fastcarenterprises.com

Michigan Mud Jam
Wheelie competition practice run Follow us on Facebook @ http://www.HdBroadcaster.net

Lift Jeep Liberty Blows Rearend during Burnout Contest
2003 Jeep Liberty with a 5sp manual, lifted 3.5" on 31" tires does a burnout contest at Mayberry Square in Sylvania Ohio. Blew apart the rear diff that was rebuilt about 2 weeks before. Damn good for a Liberty!

How To Change TRANSMISSION FLUID/FILTER 2002-2007 Jeep Liberty
http://www.youtube.com/user/satchelmcqueenvideo - Follow this video and you to can change your fluid and filter in your Jeep Liberty transmission for year model 2002-2007. It is very messy, but pretty simple if you take your time and it can save you a lot of money. Use ONLY ATF+4 full synthetic transmission fluid. Any other type fluid or any combination of friction modifiers will not provide the lubrication these transmissions need and you will quickly destroy them. NOTE: Sometimes when using a gasket for the pan, it leaks and is hard to stop. I recommend instead to use the sealant only with NO gasket. Tighten pan to transmission hand tight until the pan closes flat against the body. I ran into this problem after the video was already made. I took the pan back off and used sealant only laying down a 1/4 bead all around pan and bolt holes. I let dry for 4 hours, then filled with fluid.