street bike race

Clint on his 2007 Honda CBR 1000 vs Puck Scraper on a 2003 Honda CBR 954.. hittin around 160+

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Sport Bikes Street Racing
A Honda CBR 1100XX, Suzuki TL1000R, MV Augusta F4-R 312, and CBR 954 RR playing around on a high speed stretch.

streetbike racing in SXM

illegal street race - sick ass bike stunts

Cruiser vs Sport Bike - Fight Scene ('Road Rash' Live Action , Chain & Nunchucks)
"Murdercycle" is a short action film about a cocky sport bike rider who picks a fight with a lazy cruiser rider. Starring Shaun Charney and Micah Brock. Directed & Choreographed in a team effort by Charney and Brock, "Murdercyle" employs a mix of various action styles. If you were a fan of the old "Road Rash" video games back in the day, or just a motorcycle enthusiast , then "Murdercycle" is the film for you!