Subaru Legacy GT going fast sideways -- ice racing murdock rd winnipeg, mb

ice racing my 2005 subaru legacy gt. studded tires.

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Subaru Legacy med friktionsdäck / Subaru Legacy with non-studded tyres on ice
De som påstår att dubbfria vinterdäck har tillräckligt bra grepp på is har fel... The ones saying non-studded winter tyres are good enough on ice are wrong Car: Subaru Legacy 2011 Tyres: Continental ContiVikingContact™ 5

04 wrx vs 05 legacy gt.
Race between a 04 wrx vs a 05 legacy gt. All in good fun. Was during a Subaru cruise in my hometown.

Ice Racing Highlights Ontario - Goan Racing - Minden - Subaru Legacy -
Highlights from 2009 Magnum Ice Racing series. Located in Minden, (Haliburton) Canada. Driving a 1991 Subaru Legacy Non turbo. Stock engine, no modifications. Class 4, Street Stud All-Wheel-Drive Finished 2nd overall, the turbo AWD Celica's were great competition. Linkin Park - Points of Authority is the song Driver - Nelson Monteiro

RACE | Subaru Legacy GT vs Audi Stage 3 B5 S4
Short race between a 2007 Subaru LGT (malfunctioning tune) vs a 2001.5 Audi B5 S4 that is Stage 3+