Subaru Legacy GT going fast sideways -- ice racing murdock rd winnipeg, mb

ice racing my 2005 subaru legacy gt. studded tires.

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Newer Corvette beats Subaru Legacy GT in Drag Race at Bandimere
Corvette pretty much puts the smack down on this Subaru Legacy GT. Nice run for the Vette. This was Test and Tune so it really doesn't matter. Maybe next time.

Ice Racing Highlights Ontario - Goan Racing - Minden - Subaru Legacy -
Highlights from 2009 Magnum Ice Racing series. Located in Minden, (Haliburton) Canada. Driving a 1991 Subaru Legacy Non turbo. Stock engine, no modifications. Class 4, Street Stud All-Wheel-Drive Finished 2nd overall, the turbo AWD Celica's were great competition. Linkin Park - Points of Authority is the song Driver - Nelson Monteiro

Subaru Legacy med friktionsdäck / Subaru Legacy with non-studded tyres on ice
De som påstår att dubbfria vinterdäck har tillräckligt bra grepp på is har fel... The ones saying non-studded winter tyres are good enough on ice are wrong Car: Subaru Legacy 2011 Tyres: Continental ContiVikingContact™ 5

Legacy gt race car dailydriver
Subaru Legacy Gt with Td06 ball bearing turbo, perrin top mount, meth injection, built block witb weisco pistons, 3" Exhaust with out muffler, megan racing coilovers, rota's and carbon adjustable wing. 310whp