My 420a turbo Eclipse update

Check out our new channel "HisLifeHerWay' (PLEASE COMMENT!!) Be sure to check out my Skyrim dragon video! My fully built 420a is almost broken in. I finished my custom "Ferrari" style home made bumper and custom hood and carbon fiber sun roof plug. If you have any questions about how I built my 420a and where I bought my stuff just ask. I need a few more engine management things then I'll Boost 20 psi. Hope to hit 400hp Thanks for watching!! *bored out .20 * forged wiseco pistons* forged Eagle H beam rods* ARP head,main and rod studs*arp head studs*cometic head gasket* Ported head* 1mm oversized stainless valves* E-clutch masters racing clutch* Blox missing link* ported OBX intake manifold* 60mm TB* MSD Coil pack* 10.2mm wires* Garrett T-3 turbo* Gates racing timing belt* underdrive pulley* Fake straight through cat* 2.5" full mandrel Exhaust* EGR delete* Visit my car domain page,

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My Eclipse video
Pics of my eclipse while working on it

98 Eclipse 420a Fully built first start! No choking at all!
Check out our new channel "HisLifeHerWay' This is my fully built 420a. bored out, forged pistons, rods, balanced crank, align honed, ported, 1mm oversized valves, High flow intake manifold, 60mm TB. Garrett t-3 turbo. Not Boosting till its broken in of course :P Check out Mikes bad car accident!

2G Mitsubishi Eclipse project
video of my car from purchase to today not even close to done but i figure ill make a video of whats been done so far. much more to come.. enjoy

Supercharged 4g Eclipse 2017 Review | Pilot episode of NEOMODS
In this video I give my 2008 supercharged Mitsubishi eclipse, its 2017 review. Also this is the pilot video of my new show NEOMODS, (North Eastern Ohio Modified). Hit that subscribe button and like this video!