Nissan Titan BLOWS MOTOR!!!!!!!

No Tyrel , thats not the K&N air filter this time, its your brand new nissan Titan hydrolocking the motor and breaking the crankshaft !!!!! this was my ex buddies truck his mommy and daddy bought him, so a couple of us REAL OFF ROADERS decided to convince him to take it out. . 6" lift, 35" tires, Exhaust, etc. . so He let me "try it out" . . i knew it had a warranty so I "TRIED IT OUT" LOL enjoy. . . P.S. once they found muddy water in the manifold and cylinders that didnt warranty it

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Nissan Titan Horror Story
You won't believe this story. Please read before you buy a Nissan. This repair took 68 days for Nissan to complete and final cost was $8000 and still was not fixed properly. Totally unacceptable for what was basically an Exhaust pipe that fell off. Had this repair been completed in a timely manner at a reasonable price this video never would have been made. This Titan was traded in for a Ford F-150 and when Ford did their inspection before putting it for sale they discovered the truck was still not repaired properly. Last I heard this Titan was sent back to Nissan to get more work done.

Nissan Titan Offroad
Titan goin for a cruise. Friend of mine. Pictures

Nissan Titan vs Ford F150 Supercharged Harley Davidson
My friend and I wanted to take our trucks for a few runs. F-150 SC is straight pipes, no muffler and Nissan Titan is tuned with UpRev, hi-flow cats, super 44 flowmaster muffler and dual cutouts. On the second complete stop run, I spun all 1st gear and on the last run, he spun bad as well. Great race!

Towing: Important Nissan Titan Transmission Tips
Because the Titan has so much power, you can get into trouble with your transmission during climbs. This is true of a lot of other trucks too. The truck has enough power to pull the hill in a higher gear, but your transmission will overheat from the stress. Also, if you don't have a transmission temp gauge, not only can you not monitor the transmission, you might not be able to tow more than around 7,000 pounds compared to the 9,000+ capacity of the big tow package. Big Tow has changed names, and some packages include the 3.36 gears (as opposed to 2.94) so if you are unsure, contact Nissan and they should be able to help you figure out for sure. One way to check for gears is 70 mph test. 2000 RPM equals 3.36 and 1700 rpm equals 2.94 gears. That isn't set in stone, but it's a good indicator, as well as the tag on the differential. If you do have a standard, non "Big Tow" with no convex mirrors or trans temp gauge, you can get a trans temp gauge like this one: I would also recommend some kind of pod to house it nicely. I also did a review on the Tekonsha Prodigy 3 controller, and this one has the Titan wiring harness included: Thanks for watching, and please subscribe to my channel Towing 101: