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Enzo Ferrari Enzo Biagi

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Enzo Ferrari 2003 Full Movie Part 2
The Story Of The Man Behind The Legend. The Man Who Created The Most Legendary Name In The Automobile Industry, From Poverty To Riches. Through Passion, Ruthlessness And Brutal Character. We Meet Ferrari As Old Man, Disturbed By Memories Of The Past And All The Things He Lost On His Way To Success. We See Him Still Tormented And Hounded By Journalists And Paparazzi Who From The STart Would NEver Leave Him In Peace. One Journalist Stands Out. Someone Who Seems To Know Even The Darkest Secret Of His Past And Who Is Determined To Get The Final And Most Initimate Interview At All Costs. Ferrari Succumbs To The Incessant Demands. Through This Interview Ferrari Life Unfold. Enzo Ferrari Died In August 1988.

The Story of Enzo Ferrari
A short movie on Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the exotic sports car manufacturer Ferrari Unknown