Roush stage3 VMP 500+ vs BMW X6M

VIP drag by 1R 1/4 mile 1 km

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Making of the 2017 Focus RS by Roush Performance
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Mustang vs ZL1 Camaro
So my buddy was able to coax me to take the car to the track and off we went. We had a blast! If you need to know what performance mods you need for you car... just take it to the track. Right away I realized I need better tires and a 2nd gear lockout delete. You can hear me messing with 2nd gear on this video. The PHASE 3 is great but man does it need help putting the power down. And a good driver, I'll get there :) Good game to my buddy in the ZL1.

MCKEE Racing BMW X6M with Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust System
MCKEE Racing BMW X6M with Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust System. Spot the angry flame near end of the video. Like us @

Josh's 2013 Stage 3 Roush 1/4 Mile
2013 Stage Roush with Phase 3 kit 1/4 Mile. 650 RWHP