Lifting a 1995 Mercury Tracer

This is me lifting my piece of junk Mercury Tracer.

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Worlds Strongest Man 2007 (Mariusz Pudzianowski)
Worlds Strongest Man 2007 DJ Hazel-Dirty Summer

LOCKOUTS below the knees: 430kg (946lbs)
lockout training at 24.01.2008: lockout high is below the knees. my right knee and ankle ached a little since the frontsquat accident on monday.

1000lbs proper leg press
exactly 3 years after a near fatal car accident. Full right-hip reconstruct. Metal plate with 9 screws holding everything together.

Can you lift a car? My wife can!
Keri Norley has been training for a while now, and has finally gotten strong enough to complete a car lift. She is thrilled to bits... wait and see how she celebrates. We have now added a "How To" page on our website. Check out