beep beep and coyote

beep beep and coyote

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Old Cartoons Road Runner & Wile E Coyote Chariots of Fur
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BEEP BEEP. BLOOP BLEEP. Switched On Road Runner and Coyote Cartoon
3 classic Chuck Jones produced Road Runner and Wile E Coyote cartoons get the Borax hacks. All sounds generated from a portable eurorack synthesizer. Consider the recursion of Coyote, who never eats, but only considers eating, ad infinitum. This barren, craggy, dry universe is more like a Mandlebrot purgatory with an endless supply of Acme weapon products which can't function predictably, or whose proper function can't be apprehended by Coyote. Every ravine, every rocky outcrop, every national road that splices the desert is generated anew each time Coyote is forced not to die - his bones regenerate, his cardiac arrests are all false. He can be skinned alive a million times a million times. This routine unravels from a spool that was never wound. Is this because of artifice that such toil is even noticeable? Why contrive a purgatory like this when heaven can be imagined? Or would every heaven ever dreamt only appear as purgatory to enlightened eyes?