beep beep and coyote

beep beep and coyote

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Roadrunner: Jaula de cristal / Road Runner: Glass Cage
Parece como Wile E. Coyote finalmente ha alcanzado Roadrunner, ahora él tiene que encontrar la manera de poner sus manos sobre él. It looks like Wile E. Coyote has finally caught Road Runner, now he's got to figure out how to get his hands on him.

Ralph E. Wolf and Sam Sheepdog - A Sheep In The Deep

Between the Lions episode 33 The Good Seed
In this episode, Lionel is left in charge of the library while Theo takes care of business. I do not own this video what so ever and this video is only used for viewing and learning.

Coyotte attrape enfin Bip bip pour la premiere fois
Ah enfin il l'attrape,qu'il le bouffe et qu'on en finnisse