ST215 MR2 Dyno Gen4 3SGTE (grenades engine)

Car: Gen4 3sgte (caldina motor) with modifications. First run was 251WHPsecond run shot the Nitrous and grenaded metal out the side of the block. Dyno read 299Hp and 568Ft/Lbs when it exploded.

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Mr2 Gen3 Turbonetics 62-1
Toyota Mr2 3SGTE Gen3 with a top mount turbonetics 62-1 and with a trunk mount Intercooler.

The 3SGTE Starlet Dyno test
NOTE: Engine Boost never hit Boost cut. It was presumed the turbo pushed 12psi, but i think it didnt. I believe it was only Boosting to 8 psi. The 1st power test. **Announcement, Post Dyno** It has been established that a non functioning TVIS has caused the low 93kw power reading. This was not known at time of Dyno session. With the TVIS working, power should be 135kws minimum and above. Problem: Non Functioning TVIS. Whats a TVIS you may ask, well i will try explain as simple as possible. The intake manifold on this version 3SGTE engine has a special 4 butterfly arranged sandwich plate, between the intake manifold and cylinder head. Each intake runner is divided and has 2 ports for each cylinder. 1 always open, 1 closed via a butterfly blade, operated by vacume and rpm sensing. Between 0 - 4500rpm, the intake has air flowing as normal, via its always open, unrestricted intake runner and port. But from 4500rpm onwards, the secondary butterflies open allowing double amount of air. This system maintains bottom end torque and when open, for top end power. Its kinda like a switching system, like variable valve timing or vtec. The secondary butterflies open for high rpm, but in this case, they were closed shut, thus making a drastic low powered output engine. Basically, the engine has air restriction big time. Kinda like choking at extreme power requirments. I now aim to eliminate the TVIS system so the engine can make its true power figure. I will then get the car Dynoed to test its power output, again..... Stay tuned Baseline power has now been obtained. Boost cut is 12psi. The car was loud as hell during testing. The camera used was new, it has better picture quality but the sound is not up to scratch. PS: Thats why i stated getting the car Dynoed is for trial and error purposes. Im prefer finding out negative issues on the Dyno than at the track. .

Gen2 3S-GE rebuild/swap into a 91 MR2 hardtop
(Mostly) stock 2nd gen 3S-GE rebuild. Had the car for almost five years, but never got around to doing this. Whole project took about three months only working on the weekends. Kind of a long time for how straightforward the build was supposed to be. Wanted to make this video shorter since the last one was over 7 minutes long. Footage I had to work with didn't turn out as great as hoped for, and I wasn't about to tear the car apart to get it so... Yea, the trunk looks ghetto as hell...haven't addressed that yet heh. And let's see who can spot the continuity error... - JDM Toyota MR2 3SGTE Engine Compression Test Video