350z and Alltrac on Tail of the Dragon

Testing out a camera pod and assembling a video from a run of the Dragon.

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350Z GReddy SP2 freeway driving
03 Z, GReddy SP2 muffler, Ichiba TP, TopSpeed YP, OEM MP freeway driving full ban RPM Exhaust clips filmed from buddies car (stock 04) with digital camera

The tail of the dragon
one of my favourite songs...It's my own mix...we all now it's not a big deal....but it's sounds pretty good..... I think ;) Two things: -if you don't like slide shows, please still give it a go as the song is the priority in this video. -IT IS NOT THE GRANTURISMO 2 soundtrack, as that one has car sounds, while this has bike sounds....the son is the same though. If you don't like it, foxtrot, oscar.

Two 350Z's on The Tail of the Dragon (Raw)
This is a video of me talking.......A LOT!

Ryan's ST185 All-Trac, #BADNEWS: Final HTZ4094R Dyno tuning Feb. 2016
This custom built & tuned ST185 All-Trac is back on the Dyno after running into some ignition problems last time. Those problems were addressed with the help of the boys over at http://electromotive.com/ and now he's strapping down the Celica one more time before parking her until Spring. After all, it's still winter in Wisconsin. Catch up with Ryan and his incredible All-Trac later in 2016. I'll be posting another video with build info from Ryan as well as some on road and on track performance. Here is a link to Ryan's YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzc7f9hV_UV2jzL2O8ZcQdw As well as a link to his build: http://www.alltrac.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=44&t=51078