Saturn Ion

2005 Saturn Ion 4dr Sedan

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Juiced Saturn Ion Rolling
Heres a video of my Saturn Ion sedan rolling all the way down. The car has been put on custom hydraulic suspension on a 225/40/18 tire. It also has had the front end tubbed to allow driving at this height. Lastly it has a coupe front end conversion.

Saturn Ion Pic Compilation
Saturn Ion Pic Compilation

540hp Saturn Ion Redline at WannaGoFast May 2016
Justin Reed's 540hp turbo Saturn Ion Redline racing supercars at the May 2016 WannaGoFast half mile event in Clayton GA.

04 Saturn ion Transformation
watch the transformation of my Saturn ion. i'm not a mechanic i just really wanted and needed a car so i Google'd and YouTube'd everything and got it all done. i saved thousands in labor cost by doing it all my self with occasional help from fam. even though i got a'lot done so far its still a few things left to do. work done so far : Headlights : 140 Headlight bulbs : 20 Head light sockets: 10 Grille : 70 Hood pull cable : 30 Coolant censor : 15 Spark plugs: 20 Coil pack : 50 Air filter : 15 Hub caps : 30 Sway bar links : 70 Sway bar bushings : 20 Wheel bearing hubs : 120 Brakes & rotors : 110 Stereo deck : 110 Speakers x4: 60 Subwoofer : 60 Amp & wiring : 120 Accent lights : 30 Seat covers : 10 Red stripe : 10 Pedals : 15 Trunk light : 5 Cargo light : 5