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No more flat tires? Sounds good to me CHECK THIS VIDEO OUT:

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The Future Tire by Goodyear - It's a Sphere!
Goodyear presented a vision of a future tire that looks radically different from tires today — it’s a sphere. Goodyear unveiled its latest concept tire, Eagle-360, at the Geneva International Motor Show. The spherical, 3-D printed tire highlights Goodyear’s vision for the future and presents an inspiring solution for the long-term future when autonomous driving is expected to be more mainstream. According to a recent study from Navigant Research, 85 million autonomous-capable vehicles are expected to be sold annually around the world by 2035, for example. According to the J.D. Power 2015 U.S. Tech Choice Study, consumers are most concerned with ensuring safety through technology in autonomous cars. If you love cars you should subscribe now to official YouCar's channel: Go! It's free! All the Best

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roadside flat tire fast fix on the spot - Quick Spair Inflator Sealer review
First time I tried this product found it's very useful to have for emergency flats. No need jacks and jackstand. This product cleans up easily with water. For me this can of Quick Spair tire inflator & sealer fixed a pinhole size puncture in my tire. Spray the whole can into the tire, then drive slowly to distribute the slimy sealing sealant inside the tire. I bought this 20 oz. can of Quick Spair Inflator & Sealer at Walmart. Kept it in my trunk for emergency flat. Low and behold this day I needed it. Be prepared for emergencies with Slime Quick Spair Tire Sealant. Quick Spair instantly seals the puncture and re inflates the tire to get you back on the road quickly and safely. It's non flammable and free of carcinogens. Slime Quick Spair Tire Sealant instantly seals punctures, re-inflates tire, TPMS-safe. From the creators of Slime, Quick Spair 20oz. is the premier Inflator & Sealer. It seals punctures and inflates in seconds. Quick Spair punctures up to 3/16th" and inflates the tire without the need for a jack, spare tire or any tools, allowing you to get off the road and to a service station where an approved repair can be made. Seals and inflates in seconds, hose top works on all wheels, tire sensor safe and easy to Use, no Jacks or tools needed, cleans up easily with water. To use Quick Spair, simply remove the valve cap, attach the hose and press the green button. In just seconds, the puncture is sealed and the tire is inflated. Quick Spair is non-flammable and cleans out of the tire with water, making a professional repair possible. Then it's important to put a mile or two on the vehicle at a slow speed, to spread the slime internally.

DriveGuard Run-Flat Tire by Bridgestone
DriveGuard Tires by Bridgestone DriveGuard run-flat tires are specifically engineered to be able to take a puncture and keep you moving. Their supportive and tough reinforced sidewalls help ensure your mobility for up to 50 miles at a maximum speed of 50 mph, even after complete loss of air pressure. Bridgestone Tires at Tires at