Idiots Tailgate Cops

On the Baltimore Beltway these brilliant guys decide to ride on top of carpet in the back of an open van. All while going 80 miles an hour tailgating a cop. I am sure that extra rest will come in real handy when that van hits the cop and flings them straight out the back.

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Think Twice Before Passing The Police
This occurred on I-295 N in West Deptford/Westville area around mile post 24. The New Jersey State Trooper was going 60 mph. The posted speed limit at the time was 50 mph due to it being a work zone even though the work was finished the signs were still posted.

Woman Tailgating Car Too Closely Loses Control and Veers Off Highway
This footage shows why you should never follow another vehicle too closely. The video shows an SUV driving right behind another vehicle on I-41 in Wisconsin last Thursday. Seconds later, the driver in front presses their brakes and tailgating SUV loses control. After swerving from side to side, the SUV veers off the highway and plows into the grassy median before coming to a stop. Cops identified the tailgater as a 42-year-old woman who was given a citation. No one was hurt.

Unmarked Cop Car Tailgated by Acura Integra
YES, I KNOW ITS AN ACURA INTEGRA!!!!! Enjoy hjttp:// Happened on rt. 9 in Cromwell. Just something that amused me today.

Cop trolls slowpoke driver in the fast lane - funny!
Don't you hate getting stuck behind a slow driver in the left lane? Looks like this cop doesn't like it, either. He follows this Honda for a few minutes, but the guy won't get over. PLEASE NOTE: I am not the narrator. If his voice grates on your nerves, mute the video.