JMS 2011 Mustang GT Auto + Procharger F1 @ 18psi = 816rwhp (Al Daigle Really has Hot Sauce!)

JMS - 2011 Mustang GT Auto Aluminator Engine, ProCharger F1 @ 18psi, Circle D Converter, Offroad X Pipe, 72 # injectors, Twin 405lph pumps, Shell URT, JMS SparkMAX PowerMAX 816rwhp / 717ft-lbs torque With 659rwhp and the stock engine: Al's car went been 10.30. Look for him to crush that ET soon ;). JMS Custom Calibration Safe Race Tune At JMS we make fast cars even faster! 601-766-9424 Follow JMS on Facebook: Follow JMS on YouTube: Follow JMS on Twitter:

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Mustang with Procharger F1 dyno tuning
Mustang with Procharger F1 Dyno tuning

F1-A Procharged Mustang on the Dyno
Instagram: F1.Coyote Follow for updates and cool vids This video is owned by Murillo Motorsports but i am the owner of the car. I wanted to Procharge my car so i called the shop one day and the suggested the P1sc I wanted bigger so they said why don't we put an F1-A on it. Called Procharger they said its never been done before so Murillo Motorsports made it happen. Heres how it did 620rwhp and 550lbs of Torque all on a Mustang Dyno. The motor is being built so more to come soon!!

Worlds quickest 2011 Mustang 5.0 with FACTORY auto!!
Recently filmed the "Coffee Man's" Mustang 5.0. This beast is F1C Procharged with air to water Intercooler rocking the factory 6 spd automatic from Ford. It puts down 940rwhp and holds together great with Ford Racings "Aluminator" longblock.

800hp 2012 F1-A Procharged Mustang Dyno
Instagram: F1.Coyote Follow for updates and cool vids. 2012 Mustang GT Forged Manley Pistons rings and rods. Motor was built and tuned by Murillo Motorsports in San Antonio TX