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United Motors Matrix II 150CC

Well as you can see, this is my scooter. Just a basic review and a basic view. I will try to upload more videos of it since I want to keep a record of my rides with it. Also something I´ve notices is that no one has posted some good videos of this scooter, so for those thinking to purchase this model could be a great first scooter.. I purchased that bike around November 2007 and now it has around 15055 miles of usage, it´s has been a great bike but considering the fact that the streets of my country are a mess well... it´s having some issue with the transmission, etc. I´m not like a pro riding bikes, but I really enjoy traveling.. if anyone would like to provide good advice about the scooter, experiences to share... well!, I´m here. email me at alucard2040@gmail.com See ya around!!!


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matrix 150
doing wheelies on a um matrix 150

2Xtreem TV GY6 150cc United Motors Scooter part 4
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Killer Motorsports EVO 150 Tao Tao Scooter Demo
PURCHASE YOURS TODAY AT! http://www.killermotorsports.com/Scooters_50cc_scooter_150cc_scooter_250cc_ Gas_Scooter_s/405.htm Please click the link above to view more specs, features and other values that come with scooters available at Killer Motorsports!

Merc/Pmc Load Out Updated
Formerly Black ice/Maverick, I was renamed Cassius. Updated review/demonstration of my Pmc load out. Helmet is a MICH 2000 replica, I am fairly sure it was off of evike. I am going to swap it out hopefully at the same time I get my coms. I am looking to get something more speed oriented. Zan Skeleton Half Balaclava. Fogs up fairly easy if you have it sitting on your face wrong. incidental almost everything comfortable will fog up. No, I am not a fan boy. Don't troll me. I don't play games often, school, sports, airsoft and life takes presidence. I just enjoy death and wanted something intmidating. Schemag by Abo Arab Bro's. Can't read the rest of the label haha, it;s in worm. Fogs up if worn improperly. I use it as a sniper veil during Night games or dark places to distort my Silhouette, blue is almost black during night games and black is darker, however, that is bad if your opponents know what to look for. Most likely then not in the airsoft world they won't so it doesn't matter. Cobalt Gas/Chem mask with almost everything resistent filters. Everything from bio to radiation(to many to actually list.) It's in the painters style so it's not a full face seal. I will remove one filter if I am playing with it and screw it back on if there is gas/smoke. I can't get it tight enough to not fog up goggles if I am in an active match. If I am manuevering tacticly and con controll breathing easily then I will use this. The base carrier is a Flyye Industries Force recon plate carrier, AKA their CIRAS replica. One triple stacked Eagle Industries m4 mag pouch. Two Eagle Industries m9 pouches One Fox Tactical Admin/navigation pouch. One Flyye utility pouch. One Tmc IFAK pouch One Tmc MBOtr(?)/Radio pouch. One Flyye hydration carrier One Flyye Ciras one point sling One Eagle Industries Dump(Saw?) pouch? Patches I have on there, MM Tactical trunk Monkey Helmet, leftside. Not pictured MM Billy Mays Never Forget - Admin/Nav Pouch Mm Danger Close full color(Not Picture)- Admin/Nav pouch Old Army Apachy patch- Helmet, right side. 318th FIS(Fighter Intercept Squad, Air Force) Pictured but not on my rig right now. Everything is in Khaki/tan/MJK save the sling. It is all 1000d cordura, the Ciras works great. Released it once, and well, it did what it had to do.I Do not want to try it again. Because of the Hydro pouch, it hooks in over the panel you have to open to get to the adjustment segment of the vest. So you have to unthread all of it and then rethread it again. The gun, is a custom M4 dmr. Base platform is a dboys m4, it was a decent gun. I would recommend it to techs or beginners. Came with a sling, an alright 9.6 battery and charger. Optic is a G&P Eotech replica Externally: Madbull Jp Rifles Conversion kit. I will use a King Arms suppresor every now and then. Internally (In this vid it was stock): -Stock Gearbox Shell, Tappet plate, Trigure. -Madbull x-factor Hard Piston(I'm pretty sure that is the model. I will probably will have to swap this out. Their other piston had terrible reviews. So I went for this one, was the only piston in stock that would suffice.) -Siegetek Torqu Plus Gear set -G&P Shims -AMP 150 Spring(Going to change to a heavier spring when I get a better motor.) -Bravo Steel V2 Spring Guide(Might have to swap this one outm hopefully not.) -Systema Bore Up Cylinder type 3 (I Believe, not completely sure would have to look again) -Modify Bore Up Cylinder Head -Modify Bore up Air Nozel -Matrix Magnum 3000 Motor - APS Wire set with mosfet - REAPS hop up bucking Obviously I consider internalls more important, and in the long runthey are. Why look only look cool and die in style if you can look mediocre and make the kill, and stay in the game. For lubricants, I use Modify Gear grease and Classic Army Cylinder grease. The modify works very well, upped my ROF quite a but compared to the stock fish oil grease. It is also scentless, unlike the systema and other companies greases which smell terrible. I have yet to substantially test the Classic Army grease. Lower down is a Condor dropleg cordura holster in multicam. I've been wanting to change that out to a serpa since it will hit your mag release, and you will lose a mag. Not sure if this will happen with the M93r it seems more stable when seated. Pistol is a KWA M93R ll(Non ns2). It is a sturdy pistol, however it most likely pales in comparison to the ns2 m93. The recoil is slightly week, however, it does cycle fast. Accuracy is cordial on semi and doesn't get affected to much on auto or tri shot. Overall, it is a great side arm to have although, I would recommend the ns2 version for better reliability. And slightly better performance. I use off brand Silicon Oil/Spray. Make sure if you use off brand stuff it does not have any petroleum products inside, it will decimate your internals. For Boots, I use Danners winter issue boot, not sure on the model however

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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Matthew Bong, Engine: 363, Tires: M/T 31-13 -15

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1970 Ford Maverick Grabber: 12.650 @ 108.000
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1993 Volvo 940 : 13.065 @ 104.150
Derrick Wooten, Engine: 2.3 turbo, Turbos: 15g

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1995 Volvo 940 Turbo: 14.008 @ 100.300
Eric Simpson, Engine: 2.3L 8V, Turbos: Single TD04H:-15G upgrade Tires: 205/55-16

1971 Ford Maverick : 14.028 @ 95.560
Alan Gant, Engine: 302 sbf, Supercharger: no Turbos: no Tires: M/T ET Street Radials

1995 Volvo 940 Turbo: 14.120 @ 98.730
Sean Williams, Engine: Volvo Redblock (2.3L SOHC 8V L4), 200k miles, Turbos: TD04HL-15G Tires: 205/55/15 Warrior El Cheapos

1984 Mitsubishi Cordia GSR: 14.132 @ 100.000
RogerCordia, Engine: 1.8 g62, Turbos: Factory TC06


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