United Motors Matrix II 150CC

Well as you can see, this is my scooter. Just a basic review and a basic view. I will try to upload more videos of it since I want to keep a record of my rides with it. Also something I´ve notices is that no one has posted some good videos of this scooter, so for those thinking to purchase this model could be a great first scooter.. I purchased that bike around November 2007 and now it has around 15055 miles of usage, it´s has been a great bike but considering the fact that the streets of my country are a mess well... it´s having some issue with the transmission, etc. I´m not like a pro riding bikes, but I really enjoy traveling.. if anyone would like to provide good advice about the scooter, experiences to share... well!, I´m here. email me at alucard2040@gmail.com See ya around!!!

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matrix 150
doing wheelies on a um matrix 150

150cc scooter
150cc scooter

2006 UNITED MOTORS MATRIX 150 Used Motorcycles - Sorrento,Florida - 2014-12-01
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