1/6 Scale 21st Century Toys R/C Humvee In Iraq

Humvees are the first victims of the U.S. Military scaling down in Iraq.

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Humvee vs. Hummer H1 (HD) - Beach Ride
Just a Beach ride in Rockanje, The Netherlands, organised by ANVT. Made some test video shots made with Canon D60 from the HMMWV Humvee and the Hummer H1 1996 (Gas version)

1/6 RC Ultimate soldier Hummer H1 modified for a Gi Joe Gunner.
This is my newest 1/6 scale vehicles too my military collection the two main modification I did to the Hummer I install a 12" Gi Joe Gunner with the machine gun and re-design the front bumper. What do you think??? For me the rest of this machine is well done. Thanks for watching and thank you Steven for the help with the video. Lorenzo

US Marines Vehicles & Humvee River Fording Training
Marines with Marine Rotational Force -- Darwin, conduct fording training at Robertson Barracks, Northern Territory, Australia. The rotational deployment in Darwin enables Marines to more effectively train, exercise, and operate with Australian partners, enhancing regional security and building the capacity to respond more rapidly to natural disasters and crises throughout the region. Video by Cpl. James Gulliver | Marine Rotational Force Darwin AiirSource covers military events and missions from the U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard. Subscribe to AiirSource for daily updates: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=AiirSource

WW II RC 1/6 Jeep (British)
From early in the war, the British regulated a system of vehicle markings that they had created before the war and continued to evolve and administer after the war began in 1939. As the British and Canadian armies grew to meet the demand for new and different types of formations, the need for unique systems of identification also arose. In May 1940, a memorandum noted that: To ensure efficient traffic control the following signs are necessary: (a) Divisional Sign. (b) Unit Sign. (c) Bridge Classification Sign.5 For blackout driving, the rear axle housing of some vehicles was painted white. On other vehicles a white disc was mounted underneath the rear of the vehicle so as to be visible to drivers following behind. Some units painted their unit serial on this disc in black to further aid in recognition. On later model vehicles, these discs were illuminated by a light controlled separately by the driver. In England, after VE-Day, and even during hostilities, some units painted other prominent areas of vehicles white to aid in recognition at night, usually on the outer edges of the vehicle so as to make passing safer, to recognize the silhouette of the vehicle, or make protuberances obvious, such as side view mirrors, safety handles, etc. This one replica of the jeep the Canadian use in WWII.