BMW 135i VS BMW 335i (Procede v4 VS JB3 2.0)

Same Mods... (Just different tunes)

More Videos...

Procede v4 BMW 135i
Procede v4, meth, downpipes, dual cone intake.

JB3 Dyno vs Procede
BMW 135i with a drop in air filter, tune and RR Exhaust. (I used ms109 race gas for all runs.)

135i vs 335i jb2 part 2
both cars are chipped jb2, 135i automatic transmission, 335i manual 6 speed

335i Stock 306hp vs. 335i ECU Upgraded 378hp - IC Swiss
stock 335i (onboard camera) vs. ECU Upgraded 335i (Silver car) + bonus (toll launchs) 0-100 / 0-200 comparisions between stock and ecu upgraded car...