2007 Charger SRT8 vs 2009 Civic Si

2007 Charger SRT8: Bassani Catback, Procharger P1, tune, street tires, 497whp sae 2009 Civic Si: Skunk2 sts,and pro black series intake manifold, p2p tb spacer, takeda short ram intake, street tires. 10.29@106mph to 12.65@85mph PS we're friends...we knew it wouldn't be 'close' but we race for fun!

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2009 Honda Civic SI Top Speed Run
All stock except K+N Intake and HFP Exhaust. Found the speed limiter at 134ish.

STOCK 2015 2.3L Ecoboost Mustang Vs 2009 Stalled SRT8 Charger.
STOCK 2015 EcoBoost Mustang Vs 2009 Stalled SRT8 With An Intake. Enjoy.

Dodge charger srt8 vs civic si
Charger srt8 mopar intake, flowmaster mufflers, diablo sport tuner vs civic si mods unknown

SRT8 Bassani vs SRT8 SLP LM1
Both cars are 6.1 SRT8s the Challenger has SLP LM1s the charger has Bassani