Ford Fairlane drag race

My friend running a 15 sec quarter at pacific raceways in kent WA. It only has a 289, a larger motor is being planned...

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Ford Fairlane 500 Drag Star Legal Street Car
Drag Racing

Pacific Raceways- Random Drag Racing Clips
A bunch of random clips from a few weekends of going to the drags. Mostly races, a few burnouts, and the aftermath of a crash at the end.

1966 ford fairlane 289 smblock 390hp
just built 390hp when Dynoed before i put engine in it needs to be tuned some more Parts link

Ford Fairlane Ranch Wagon Drag Race Hot Rod Drag Week
Here is a Ford Fairlane Ranch Wagon drag racing another Fairlane. This is a very cool car, it has a 5.4 liter pro-charged engine under the hood. This beast is very unassuming, it looks like just a regular street car, until it lays down an 11-second pass down the 1320 that is. The video was shot with a GoPro Hero HD