Ford Fairlane drag race

My friend running a 15 sec quarter at pacific raceways in kent WA. It only has a 289, a larger motor is being planned...

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Pacific Raceways- Random Drag Racing Clips
A bunch of random clips from a few weekends of going to the drags. Mostly races, a few burnouts, and the aftermath of a crash at the end.

1964 Ford Fairlane 289 Engine Disassembly Timelapse
Disassembling my Ford 289 engine. Engine died after first rev in best sounding engine contest (rev'd to only 4500 RPM when it suddenly stopped). Would not fire up again. Looks like I bent at least one rod when the intake gaskets failed and allowed the engine to intake coolant and hydro-lock at least one cylinder. Total actual time for this disassembly was 5 hours. June 2015 update - actual damage - bent #2 rod, damaged #7 cylinder (had to be sleeved), and bent the crank. New engine install and video to come soon.

Ford Fairlane 500 Drag Star Legal Street Car
Drag Racing

Grant Klohn - 67 Fairlane 4 spd.
Sunday May long weekend at Mission Raceway Park