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Shows the removal and repair of instrument panel speedometer from truck SUV

How To Recover A Dashboard
TheCousinDan shows you how to recover a dashboard with new vinyl. Restore old cars and trucks with this handy skill!

How To Disassemble A Chevrolet Gauge Cluster & Stepper Motor Removal
Video of me taking apart a Chevy Silverado instrument panel. This is also the procedure for stepper motor replacement if you have a guage that isn't working correctly. The disassembly process is the same for many GM vehicles.

GM Stepper Motor Replacement and Instrument Panel Disassembly
Most later model GM vehicles had recalls with the stepper motors in the instrument clusters. Some models were repaired by GM through a class action law suit while others were left fitting the bill themselves. This video will be helpful for anyone replacing these and saving money. Most places will charge between 150 and 300 bucks when the stepper motors are only about $5 each. The entire process start to finish (provided you have all the tools) will take about an hour...ish.

Chevrolet GM Speedometer Gauge Repair Removal Instrument Cluster
GM Cluster gauge repair. See http://usedcarsit.com/content/chevrolet-speedometer-gauge-repair-instrument -cluster for written directions and information on ordering parts. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fC_dE0iZtxE to learn how to replace bulbs in your dash. How to remove the gauge cluster from your Chevrolet or GM vehicle and replace the faulty stepper motors in your speedometer, tachometer, gas gauge, voltage meter, fuel gauge, temperature gauge and oil pressure gauge.

chevy tahoe L E D gauge conversion

Buick Century Odometer
Fixed a non-working odometer gear selection indicator. Problem is 4 resistors on the back of the instrument panel cluster (ipc) that come dislodged over time due to a manufacturing defect.

How-to fix a 97.5-2004 buick regal gauge cluster
Did you have your PRND321 and mileage light go out,what about your Driver info center on ur cluster. well i will show you how to fix them

How To Unlock A 2002 - 2008 Chevrolet Theftlock Radio - With Catchy Tune Bonus!!
Procedure to unlock a 2002 - 2008 GM theft lock radio for free. Works on most stereos made by Chevy, GMC, Pontiac, Buick and Cadillac. This is a temporary way to enable a radio without bringing it to a dealer for programming

General Motors' EN-V concept - we ride shotgun
TheChargingPoint.com recently got a ride in GM's incredible EN-V concept, designed to combat the problems of overcrowding, parking availability and air quality within the city of tomorrow. Read our report at http://www.thechargingpoint.com/2011/07/12/green-with-en-v-is-this-the-futu re-of-urban-mobility Music credit: danosongs.com

LED Project #2 - Step 06 - Gauge Face Installation
Step 06 of the LED Project #2 DVD - Gauge Face installation

VBSA - Dashboard vinyle - leather repair kit - REF-MTS-1003F
http://www.vbsa.fr/en-item-179-dashboard-vinyle-leather-repair-kit.htm The kit includes : REF-6005 -Backing cloth REF-3017 -Spatula REF-6013 - Tweezers REF-6014 -Scissors REF-6007 -Teflon Mat REF-3016 -Heat Iron REF-2502 -Adhesive Clear 20 gr REF-3023 -Swatch REF-Instruction for paints REF-3014 -Preval sprayer + bottle to extrude paint REF-3007 -Graining mat 2K REF-3015 -Applicator gun REF-6507 -Leather crack filler REF-3005 -Plastic prep REF-2402 -Adhesion aid primer REF-2406 -Bumper texture white (new) REF-3002 -Replicator for leather REF-3011 -Activator spray REF-PEINTURE101 -black 150 ml REF-PEINTURE104 -red rapid 150 ml REF-PEINTURE107 -orange rapid 150 ml REF-PEINTURE108 -red oxyde 150 ml REF-PEINTURE109 -yellow oxyde 150 ml REF-PEINTURE112 -red 150 ml REF-PEINTURE113 -red 150 ml REF-PEINTURE114 -violette 150 ml REF-PEINTURE116 -yellow 150 ml REF-PEINTURE117 -yellow rapid 150 ml REF-PEINTURE118 -blue rapid 150 ml REF-PEINTURE119 -green 150 ml REF-PEINTURE120 -white 150 ml REF-PEINTURE121 -matting gel 150 ml CD is also provided by taking again the various stages of repair.

Chevrolet Trailblazer Instrument Cluster Removal Procedure by: Cluster Fix
Cluster Fix is demonstrating the removal procedure of an instrument cluster on a 2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer. As an added precaution it is recommended that you disconnect the negative battery terminal before unplugging and plugging in the instrument cluster. For Repair Service Contact: WWW.CLUSTERFIX.COM 509-366-9009 Please call or email us from the address found on the website with any questions, questions will NOT be answered through You Tube.

Instrument Panel Cluster Malfunction
As you can see my 2004 GMC truck speedometer has malfunction. The dealer said it will cost between $400 and $600 dollars to replace. I look on the internet and found a special bulletin from GMC. I called GMC and they said it will only cost $120 for the labor to replace. The special bulletin will cover the part cost. I hope this can help you. Go to http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=70134

Fuel Gauge Troubleshooting
Saturn S-series Fuel Gauge Troubleshooting

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