Yamaha XJ900 S Diversion 1996 P HPI clear XJ 900

Estimated sale price £900.00 £1300.00 This is an all round good bike with no work to be done. It is a UK model that has been sitting around unused on a SORN for a while, and the machine must now be sold, so the bike is entered in to this auction for a quick disposal. The videos in this description are intended to give you an idea of the wear and tear, and any defects that I have found, whilst examining and testing the bike.

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Yamaha XJ 900 Diversion

Yamaha MT 25 (3 colors option)

yamaha diversion xj900
yamaha diversion xj900

Early spring cruise with my Yamaha XJ900S
Driving on the beautiful road between Dalarö and Stockholm.