Me drifting in the snow car: Volvo 740 gl 116hp

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E30 Snow Drift Fail
1st snow

Volvo 740 winter drifting
Lite klipp från vintern 2012 / 2013 nere i Skåne.

Snow drifting in småland with volvo combis
Volvo 245evo, volvo 245tic and volvo 745 drifting in sweden, småland that is.. by

Custom bicycle for drifting on ice and snow
NEW: There's a "Part 2" with different style: ideas2cycles designed a custom bicycle specifically for drifting on ice and snow. The unique frame geometry gives an optimal weight distribution and handling on slippery surfaces. Paired with a hand-made spiked tire in the front and a slick tire in the back, this bike is perfect for having some sideways fun. For more information about "The Drifter" bike, go to Music: Still Echo - The Inescapable Truth