Mazda 626 - How to Remove Door Panels

Removing door panels on most vehicles in general is the same process. It's very easy once you learn how to do it!

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Today We Demonstration How to Remove a Door Panel on Our Mazdaspeed 3! Join our Community of DIY'ers: Follow us on Facebook for More DIY Goodness: Follow us on Twitter! Check out our pictures on Instagram! This procedure particularly applies to the vehicles listed below but can also be used as a guide for various other vehicles as most car door panels are secured in the same manner. Tools Used: - Flat Head Screw Driver - Phillips Head Screw Driver - Plastic Pry - Masking Tape (to prevent scratching) The techniques shown in this video apply to the following vehicles: 2010-2013 Mazda 3 2013-2013 Mazdaspeed 3 The DIY rep in this video is Ally! To send letters, products for review/use, other correspondence - please use this address: everythingdiy P.O. Box 186 Pasadena, CA 91102 FTC Disclaimer: All products mentioned were purchased by us. None of the companies mentioned are paying us for this video. All opinions are our own. Other Disclaimers- Everything you do is at your own risk. Everything DIY or its affiliates are not responsible for any personal injury or property damages incurred. ***SAFETY FIRST EVERY TIME***