Custom Hydraulic Lines Steering and Brake 1968 Pontiac Firebird MUSCLE CARS & HOT RODS Episode 130 (520) 294-4744. Hydraulics in the 1968 Pontiac Firebird.

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Installing Firebird 400 Emblems on Hood of our 1968 MUSCLE CARS & HOT RODS Episode 133 (520) 294-4744. Hood emblems on the Firebird.

SLOWSRT Has Never Been So "Wrong"
Many good people thank Matt for Bringing us Project Wrongside/Stepside to his channel Slowsrt. Jim Good things Happen to Good people.

Painting & Laying Out Color Change Stripes on 1995 Impala SS MUSCLE CARS & HOT RODS Episode 127 (520) 294-4744. In thins episode we lay out some stripes on a 1995 Impala Super Sport.

SMC Repair w/ Norton SMC Repair Epoxy MUSCLE CARS & HOT RODS Episode 92
In this episode Jeff gets a little help from our Norton rep. Brian with a S.M.C. repair. You will see surface preparation, application and finished repair in paint of Norton's Speed Grip structural adhesive urethane repair and epoxy flexible repair and filler.